> The Bob Marley Exhibition

The Bob Marley Exhibition was produced by Exhibit A, London.
An exhibition of photographs, graphics, film and recordings documenting the life of Bob Marley. Launched in London during the summer of 1991 to mark the tenth anniversary of Marley's death, this exhibition, commissioned by Island Records and The Bob Marley Estate, visited Australia and New Zealand

Bob Marley Exhibition Australia & New Zealand 1994 - 1996


Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane
POD Theatre Gallery, Sydney
Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne
Anima Gallery, Adelaide

New Zealand - The New Zealand Tour was organised through
Exhibitour, NZ.
Waikato Museum of Art & History
Serjeant Gallery
Otago Museum
Robert McDougall Gallery
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
The Science Centre & Manawatu Museum
Hawke's Bay Exhibition Centre

The exhibition is currently housed at the Gisborne Museum & Art Gallery
New Zealand.
Bob Marley Exhibition - Australian Tour highlights
Attracted more than half a million visitors in Australia and New Zealand.

Received estimated $500,000 dollar value publicity and promotion.

Attracted multiple sponsors in each city with a total value for both tours estimated to be $200,000.

Increased sales of Marley videos, CDs and audio tapes for Polygram Australia and doubled sales in New Zealand.

Sold over 500 titles of Catch A Fire book title published by Music Press UK.

Direct sales at the exhibition - including CDs,videos, audio tapes, prints, postcard sets and print est. $80,000.

Sold 5000 T-shirts, produced and supplied by Top Heavy Australia.

Increased all other Marley T-Shirt sales for Top Heavy over a two year period.


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