> The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition

The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition was produced by Exhibit A, London.
The exhibition collected the quintessential images of Hendrix to include work by the
most important photographers and artists of that time. Many of the images had rarely
been seen and included photographs by Linda McCartney, Terence Donovan and Jim Marshall
as well as the famous Rick Griffiths' eyeball print, which was commissioned by Hendrix.
Jimi's own quotes captioned the exhibition.

Video and audio components were also added, to make the exhibition a complete Hendrix Experience.

Jimi Hendrix Exhibition
Australia & New Zealand Tour
1992 - 1994

Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane
Performing Arts Museum, Melbourne
The Long Gallery, Hobart
The State Library, Adelaide

New Zealand
Carneigie Gallery, Dunedin
Science Alive, Christchurch
Shed 11, Wellington
Auckland City Art Gallery, Auckland

Jim Hendrix Exhibition
Brought to Australia in association with Polydor.

Presented in partnership with Australian and New Zealand museums.

Attracted over 300,000 visitors in Australia and New Zealand.

Received est. $700,000 dollar value publicity and promotion

Attracted $50,000 dollar value sponsorship.

Helped to sell over 100,000 of The Ultimate Experience CD in Australia and New Zealand.

Increased sales of the Hendrix music back catalogue five times during the exhibition period in each city and doubled the sales for the two year tour period.

Direct sales at the exhibition - including CD's, video and audio tapes, prints, postcard sets and T-shirts supplied by Exhibit A and Music Merchandise and Marketing UK- est. $240,000.

Increased generic sales for Australian suppliers.


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